Mid-August 2007
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Southwest Section
Pacific Northwest Section


Southwest Section
by Richard M. Burns

May 22, 2007

COLD IRON, A Maritime Contribution to our Environment

On the evening of May 22, 2007the SNAME Southwest Section conducted their monthly meeting, followed with dinner and presentation on “Cold Iron” by Mr. Robert Hoffman of Dock Watts LLC. “Cold Iron” is the term applied to the connection of shipboard electrical distribution systems to shore power during port stays. Traditionally, connection and utilization of shore power was limited to vessel husbandry, shipyard availability and extraordinary events. Recent developments indicate that many ports are going to encourage or require certain vessels to connect to shore power for the duration of port visits whether the vessel is actively engaged in cargo operations or just laying alongside the berth. Coordinated development of analytical techniques, port infrastructure and shipboard electrical plants will facilitate the implementation of the “any ship, any port” concept.

L-R: Bob Hoffman Dock Watts, LLC, Ralph Johnson, SW Section Librarian, Bob Maddison, Dock Watts, LLC


June 26, 2007

“Why has selecting an OWS become more involved?”

On the evening of June 26, Mr. Paul N. Wickstrom, Product Manager of Coffin World Water Systems, provided a presentation to the SNAME Southwest Section.
As of January 1st 2005 a regulation change (from MEPC. 60 (33) to MEPC. 107(49) took place and now all keels laid over 400 metric ton must be fitted with Oil Water Separators that can now provide below 15 PPM of oil discharge when handling emulsified oils as well as free oils. The problem is change. Suppliers had to change their existing OWS systems by adding new technologies or refining their existing ones and integrating new more sensitive oil content monitors. Owners are being asked to pay more for their OWS and to give up more space to install it. Plus they are beginning to realize that one certified OWS is not the same as another, and that increasing enforcement could cause potential fines or serious operating loses if they do not get involved in the selection process. Operators are being asked to improve bilge management practices, learn about operating systems and technologies they are not familiar with, and become aware of the need to know as they see more of their peers go to jail.

L-R: Richard Burns SW Section Chairman, David Evans, Coffin World Water Systems (CWWS) Marketing Coordinator, Paul Wickstrom (speaker) CWWS Product Manager, Essie Diaz, SW Section Secretary, Dan Grommersch CWWS V.P. & General Manager, Bob Buza CWWS Agent


July 20, 2007

Annual Night at the Races

On the afternoon of July 20th the SNAME Southwest Section headed for the Del Mar Thourobred Club for their annual “Night at the Races.” It was a wonderful opportunity to socialize with friends and colleagues, while watching the races -- and a few of us even won some money!!! Attendees enjoyed the newcomers seminar that explained how to read a program and place a bet, money management, racing tips and insight, and more. There was even a free concert following the races.

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Pacific Northwest Section
by Brig Henry

July 7, 2007

5th Annual SNAME PNW Golf Cup A Resounding Success!

On Saturday July 7th, the Pacific Northwest Section held their 5th annual PNW Golf Cup Tournament, for the second year in a row, at the Tsawwassen Golf and Country Club near Vancouver, BC. Arecord twenty-nine players, divided among eight teams, participated in Ambrose Scramble format, which enabled the teams to be handicapped.

Brig Henry, Chair PNW (on the left) with longest drive winner Malcolm Barker

The top two teams ended up with a tie score and the team of Param Toor, Bob Bygdnes, Barry Arneet and PK Vohora of Parmtronics won the coveted Lloyd’s Trophy on a tie- breaker. The runners up team included Charles Leung, YH Cheng, Alain Kwan and Roger Clark of Fairmont Shipping. Winners of the highest score booby prize, donated by Robert Allan Ltd, were Brig Henry, Nigel Hastings and Rex Ferns.

Dan McGreer, Vice Chair BC (on the left) presenting the Lloyd’s Cup to the winning team Barry Arneet, Bob Bygdnes, Param Toor and PK Vohora

Among the main tournament prizes, there were a number of individual prizes, which included the hole-in-one competition, sponsored by Finning Canada. Unfortunately, no one won the $10,000.

The closest to the pin contest, sponsored by Allied Shipbuilders Ltd., was on Hole 6, which was won by Mark Lougheed of Elliott Bay Design Group. , Players tried their longest drive on Hole 5, but Malcolm Barker of Victoria Shipyards was the lucky winner of this prize, sponsored by Teekay Corporation.

Brig Henry, Chair PNW (on the left) with closest to the pin winner Mark Lougheed.

Following the tournament, players and friends relaxed at a steak and chicken buffet lunch at the Tsawassen Golf and Country Club. We wish to extend our thanks to all our sponsors, most notably our Platinum Sponsor Lloyd’s Register North America, Inc. of North Vancouver, BC, and our Gold Sponsors Victoria Shipyards Co. Ltd. of Victoria, BC and Fairmont Shipping (Canada) Ltd of Vancouver, BC. We look forward to seeing even more people out next year!

A good time was had by all!

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